Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Dehne" Digital Fuel Gauge Bezel

A necessary complement to our "Dehne" digital fuel gauge unit. "Classic" in look and feel, it is laser cut from 0.8 mm thick steel to the same specifications as the original pieces.

Mounting holes and slot are also pre-cut, and each piece is pre-primered for corrosion protection and paint preparation. All you have to do is paint and install.

Compatible with Type 1's (1958 to 1967) or standard Beetle's through to 1977. If you have not already done so, why not purchase both our "Dehne" digital fuel gauge and bezel and give your "Bug" a hint of modernity while still maintaining its "Classic" integrity.

1."Dehne" Digital Fuel Gauge Bezel.


2. "Dehne" Digital Fuel Gauge Bezel, rear view.


3. Laser cut from 0.8 mm steel to the same specifications as the original pieces.


4. Mounting holes and slot are also pre-cut for Dehne digital fuel gauge.



Anonymous said...

Can you make a RHD fuel gauge bezel?

Welcome to Vintage Speed Live! said...

Dear Sir!
Yes, We'd like to make the bezels for RHD. However, we don't have the original RHD bezel in our garage. Would you please send us your RHD bezel to be our temp-model? We'll send you a new bezel for free!
Please e-mail us for detail. Thank you!

chris said...
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inderpal said...

will the digital fuel gauge work with the stock tank unit in my 71 super bug